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Sprague Energy, LLC

Presented by Jordan Way, Commercial Fuel Sales Representative 

AeroPol, LLC

Presented by Dan Pollick - Owner & Chief Operator

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"OVD Insurance"

Presented by Will Collins, CIC
Managing Partner
OVD Insurance

"ADP Always Designing for People"

Presented by Evan Cravener, ADP Partnership Director

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"Decarbonization Using Building Science & Data Science"

Presented by Craig Stevenson, President - Auros Group

"Business Development Guidelines"

Presented by Chris Martin, President, CEO, Atlas Marketing

“How the Use of Technology Can Improve Your Bottom Line"

Presented by Ogi Grba, Connect Up Technology
In partnership with Volpatt Construction Corporation

"Multivista Firestopping Quality Control Solution"

Presented by Dan Kelly, Regional Representative - Multivista - Western PA

Opioid Awareness in Construction

Presented by Christopher Rodman, CPWR - The Center for Construction Research and Training

Women in Construction

Presented by Natasha Smith, NAWIC

ACE Mentor Program

Presented by Mike Barnard, Oxford Development Company and ACE Mentor Program of Western PA

Diversity in Construction

Presented by Drew Kerr, Turner Construction Company

Suicide in Construction

Presented by Jason Malatak of Mosites Construction Company