The Voice of the Construction Industry!

The Master Builders’ Association of Western PA is a member-driven association committed to improving the construction industry through excellent service in Safety & Health, Government Relations, Employee & Labor Relations, Education and Training.

MBA Staff

David D. Daquelente
Executive Director

Mary Chuderewicz
Membership & Communications Coordinator

Valerie Coen
Office Manager/ Administrative Assistant

Ellianna Fry
Communications & Events Administrator

Lance Harrell
Director of Workforce Development and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Tim Mackin
Director of Services and Operations

Bob McCall
Director of Safety

Brandon Mendoza
Director of Public & Government Affairs 

Master Builders’ Association of Western PA
631 Iron City Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205              
Phone: 412.922.3912  Fax: 412.922.3729



ACE Mentor Program – Dave Daquelente

Accounts Payable & Receivable – Valerie Coen

Advertising & Sponsorships – Mary Chuderewicz & Ellianna Fry

Advocacy – Brandon Mandoza

Affiliate Council – Tim Mackin

AGC Member Discounts – Mary Chuderewicz & Tim Mackin

AGC Safety Excellence Awards – Bob McCall

AGC Student Chapter – Bob McCall

AIA/MBA Joint Committee – Tim Mackin

Annual Committee Reports – Mary Chuderewicz

Annual Members Meeting – Ellianna Fry

Apprenticeship & Training Information – Lance Harrell

Best Value Contracting – Tim Mackin

Board of Directors – Dave Daquelente

Builders Guild – Dave Daquelente

Career Center – Mary Chuderewicz & Lance Harrell

CCAC Journeyman Associate Degree Program – Lance Harrell

Cement Masons Labor/Management Committee – Dave Daquelente

Communications – Mary Chuderewicz & Ellianna Fry

Construction Advancement Program – Dave Daquelente & Valerie Coen

Construction Career Center – Lance Harrell & Mary Chuderewicz

Construction Contracts – Dave Daquelente

Construction Industry Evening of Excellence – Ellianna Fry & Mary Chuderewicz

Construction Legislative Council – Dave Daquelente

Construction Marketing Committee – Mary Chuderewicz

Continuing Education – Tim Mackin

Contract Documents – Tim Mackin

Contract Negotiations – Dave Daquelente

Crisis Communication – Bob McCall

Diversity & Inclusion – Lance Harrell

Drug Free Program – Bob McCall

Dues – Valerie Coen

Education Committee – Bob McCall & Tim Mackin

Events – Ellianna Fry

Flash Webinars – Mary Chuderewicz

Fringe Benefit Reporting Forms – Valerie Coen

Golf Outing – Ellianna Fry

Government Affairs – Brandon Mendoza & Dave Daquelente

Green Builders Committee – Tim Mackin

Hazardous Communications Program – Bob McCall

Human Resources – Dave Daquelente & Lance Harrell

James Kling Fellowship Award – Tim Mackin

Jobsite Safety Consultant – Bob McCall

Jobsite Start-Up Kits – Bob McCall & Ellianna Fry

Jurisdictional Disputes – Dave Daquelente

Labor Relations/Laws – Dave Daquelente

Labor Negotiation Steering Committee – Dave Daquelente

Legislative Committee – Brandon Mendoza & Dave Daquelente

Master Interior Contractors Association – Dave Daquelente & Valerie Coen

MBA/Carpenter Joint Study Committee – Dave Daquelente

MBA Building Excellence Awards – Mary Chuderewicz & Ellianna Fry

MBA Games – Bob McCall & Mary Chuderewicz

MBA Magazine, BreakingGround – Brandon Mendoza & Mary Chuderewicz

MBA Meeting Room Reservations – Ellianna Fry

MBA Publications – Mary Chuderewicz, Ellianna Fry & Brandon Mendoza

Media Relations – Mary Chuderewicz, Ellianna Fry & Brandon Mendoza

Member Report – Mary Chuderewicz & Ellianna Fry

Member Updates – Mary Chuderewicz

Membership – Mary Chuderewicz

Mental Health – Bob McCall

Minority Business Enterprise – Lance Harrell

National Labor Relations Board – Dave Daquelente

Newsletters – Mary Chuderewicz & Ellianna Fry

OSHA – Bob McCall

Pennsylvania State Legislature – Brandon Mendoza

Pittsburgh City Council – Brandon Mendoza

Prevailing Wage Information – Dave Daquelente

Political Affairs: Brandon Mendoza

Public Relations – Brandon Mendoza & Mary Chuderewicz

Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh – Lance Harrell

Risk Management Committee – Bob McCall

Safety Games – Bob McCall

Safety Resources & Training – Bob McCall

Scholarships – Bob McCall & Mary Chuderewicz

Services & Member Engagement – Mary Chuderewicz

Social Media – Ellianna Fry & Mary Chuderewicz

Substance Abuse – Bob McCall

Supervisory Training Program – Bob McCall

Toolbox Talks – Bob McCall

Wage Rates – Valerie Coen & Tim Mackin

Website – Mary Chuderewicz

Workforce Development – Lance Harrell

YinzGood? - Bob McCall

Youturn Health – Bob McCall

Young Constructors Committee – Mary Chuderewicz