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Interested in discovering careers fit for your skills, interests and aptitudes?
Check out these games to learn about careers while experiencing on-the-job interactions and activities.

MBA's Workforce Development Game

MBA's workforce development game, Ground Up Construction, allows players to build and learn about commercial buildings through challenging puzzles.

Ground Up Construction gives you a hands-on introduction to commercial building, letting you put your skills to the test. See if you can master 100 puzzles where you will build everything from convenience stores to skyscrapers. Follow the plans correctly and see your building come to life. Make a mistake and be forced to demolish and start over.

Commercial construction happens from the ground up with the help of iron workers, carpenters, operating engineers, laborers, cement masons, and many other trades. It takes several skills to be a builder, including spatial awareness, plan reading, and the ability to understand order of operations.

Play and Experience    

  • 100 levels of increasing difficulty 
  • Challenging puzzle-style gameplay    
  • Transforming levels upon successful completion    
  • Information and videos about life as a carpenter, cement mason, laborer, operating engineer, and ironworker    
  • Direct links to career opportunities in the construction trades

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Available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

MBA's Harness Hero - A Safety Training App That Can Save Lives!

Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. In 2014, over 300 construction workers died as a result of a fall at work. These deaths are preventable with the proper use of fall prevention and fall protection. In response to this safety hazard, Master Builders' Association partnered with a gaming company to take fall protection training to the modern day, using a free app available to anyone with a smartphone or tablet. Harness Hero, isn't just a game, but an innovative approach to saving lives in the construction industry. This gaming app has enhanced the way construction companies deliver fall protection training.

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Available on iTunesAmazon, and Google Play.