Updated December 4, 2020 This page will be continuously updated as more information becomes available.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: PA Department of Health Aligns COVID-19 Quarantine Guidance with CDC - 12/4/2020

Pre-Shift Temperature Checks Now Required in PA - Guidance for Businesses in the Construction Industry Permitted to Operate During the COVID-19 Disaster Emergency - Updated 11/23/2020

MBA has formed a task force comprised of various industry partners to continually monitor and share industry recommendations and best practices. The group is comprised of MBA staff, contractors, building owners, labor leaders, health officials, and others. The task force is addressing issues facing our industry as they continually develop and will report to our membership regularly.

MBA also continues to collaborate with our members, labor partners, and other associations across Pennsylvania, including CAWP, GBCA, KCA, and GCAP, to share best practices and develop solutions to help our industry operate safely in this COVID-19 environment.

COVID-19 Contractor Resources

Construction Information and Guidance

*Mask Use During Times of High Heat and Humidity
The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry has updated their FAQ's to address the safety and health issues associated with mask use during times of high heat and humidity. The guidance is as follows:

Is it acceptable for workers to remove cloth face coverings when high temperatures and humidity may create unsafe conditions for operations?

Yes. An employee does not need to wear a mask if it impedes their vision, if they have a medical condition, or if it would create an unsafe condition in which to operate equipment or execute a task, including during hot and humid conditions.

Face shields should be considered as an acceptable alternative to face masks when high temperatures and humidity create unsafe conditions. Additionally, social distancing measures should be enforced when conditions are unsafe for wearing a mask and/or face shield. Employers should utilize discretion when determining unsafe conditions.

To assist you in determining whether or not conditions warrant the removal of masks and/or face shields, we have created the Mask Use During Times of High Heat and Humidity (PDF) for your use.  

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Mental Wellness

It is perfectly normal to have feelings of anxiety. There is an unusual amount of pressure on all of us. But remember, you are certainly not alone. Talk to a family member, a friend, or a co-worker about what you are feeling and what they are feeling. 

AGC of America COVID-19 Updates

AGC of America has updated their Coronavirus (COVID-19) website with valuable resources and updates. The new topic-specific navigation allows you to quickly find the news and information that you are looking for, including Safety, Health & Environmental Resources; Advocacy Efforts; Economic Impacts; Contractual Impacts; Infrastructure Impacts; Labor, HR & Paid Leave Impacts; Risk Management Information; Tax Impacts; Technology Guidance; and Workforce Development Impacts.

Additional Industry Resources

National Safety Council Safe Actions for Employee Returns (SAFER) 

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Recovery Assessment

N95 Masks

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Be Smart Jobsite Banners

Master Builders' Association has partnered with Tri-State Reprographics, Inc. in producing your company specific (by adding your logo) banners for outdoor fencing.

You can email questions or contact them at 412.281.3538 to discuss any details.

MBA Staff / Committee and In-Person Meetings
  • MBA Staff, while working remotely, are available to seamlessly serve the needs of our members. We can be reached by calling 412.922.3912 or you can email MBA Staff.
  • Committee and In-Person Meetings - All MBA committee meetings will be virtual until further notice. In-person meetings are only being held when absolutely necessary.

Our priority is the health and safety of our industry, co-workers, communities, family, and friends. We believe that it is our duty to actively participate in the effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus, as we continue to lead the industry and build the region.