Practice setting up fall arrest systems in a fun and safe way.

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Falls are the leading cause of death among construction workers in the United States. To protect workers, employers must not only provide the right protective equipment but must ensure workers understand proper setup and safe use of that equipment.

  • Work your way through constantly changing environments to see if you know what to do when options are limited.
  • Watch your virtual worker in action to see if you set up a proper fall arrest system.
  • Earn a Certificate of Achievement for scoring 95% or above when you play.
  • Share your experience – good or bad – to raise awareness of preventing falls in construction. Use tags, like #StopFalls or #StandDown4Safety, to spread the message.

Harness Hero the video game engages players in the key decisions of using a fall arrest system. At each step in the game, the player chooses where to anchor, what anchorage device to use, how to set up the harness, what connection device to use, and so on. The player also inspects the equipment along the way for burns, rips, rust and other malfunctions. At the end of each play, the player encounters a fall, and depending on how well they did setting up their fall arrest system, the player will either witness a rescue or a severe injury or even a fatality.

Harness Hero was developed under the guidance of safety professionals from all corners of the construction industry.

For more information on fall prevention, visit:

Disclaimer: Harness Hero engages players in the key decisions of using a fall arrest system. The certificate issued in this game recognizes the player’s in-game performance and has no merit upon real life aptitude.