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OSHA Update 2015 - Click here to view presentation.

OSHA announces new requirements for reporting severe injuries
OSHA announces new requirements for reporting severe injuries and updates list of industries exempt from record-keeping requirements (Click here)

Updates to OSHA's recordkeeping Rule
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Increased OSHA Activity
The old joke goes: "I'm here from the government and I'm here to help." Well, that joke is about to take on a more serious tone as OSHA begins its "Construction Incident Prevention Initiative." Through inspections that they have re-branded as "on-site outreach to educate and encourage employers to continue good practices," OSHA will be increasing the presence of compliance officers to look for the four main hazards on construction projects: falls, electrocution, caught between, and struck-by. According to OSHA's press release the campaign is expected to last through the summer.

Beat the Heat
The extreme summer heat and humidity may be a little slow in coming to our region, but the potential for heat illnesses in the coming weeks cannot be ignored. MBA reminds you to train your employees to beat the heat by: drinking water, resting in the shade, reporting heat illness symptoms and knowing what to do in an emergency. For more information download OSHA's Heat Safety App.

OSHA Issues Proposed Rule on Silica
After more than a decade of study and review, OSHA has issued a proposed rule for exposure to silica dust in construction. Along with new requirements, OSHA is proposing a much more stringent permissible exposure limit than has existed for the last 40 years. After a 90 day comment period, OSHA will hold hearings on the proposed standard before releasing a final standard. It could be some time before we are required to follow the new rules. For more information and a copy of the proposed rule, visit OSHA’s silica page.

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